Merzouga Camel Ride

-Camel Trek Experience in Merzouga -

Camel Ride Experience in Merzouga

Sign up for the popular Merzouga camel ride experience and allow yourself to enjoy the stunning view of the sunset/sunrise. Saddle you camels up before the sun sets or after the sunrises and embark on an epic journey across the majestic sand dune field of Erg Chebbi.

Camel Trek in Merzouga Desert

Visiting the majestic desert of Merzouga without including a camel ride experience on its soft and golden sand dunes remains incomplete. You may want to go for a camel ride trek in the amazing Sahara desert either for watching the miraculous view of the sunset/sunrise, or even take the experience into another level by crafting intrepid camel trek for a couple of days or even more.

Our Merzouga camel ride experience is offered to individuals, couples, families, or groups. Our camels are carefully looked after & trained to carry out tourists for long rides. The camel guides are real nomads whose relationship with camels goes deep in time.

The activity of the Merzouga camel trek normally starts by the feet of the sand dune field of Erg Chebbi just before the sun sets, or after the sun rises in the morning. The camel ride lasts for an hour before reaching the highest dune, then you should climb the sand dune atop from where you can enjoy on of the most miraculous views you would rarely come across.

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